Aberdeen Arms Hotel Tarland

A Famous Music Hotel

All food served in the Aberdeen Arms is cooked to  order on site from local ingredients, eg home made soups, finest local steaks, fish caught off Buckie, Scotland etc. We  do not buy in pre-made frozen meals from large national companies. This may take 10 minutes but will be worth the wait.


Homemade soup of the day (choice available)                                             £4.00                             

Breaded camenberts with redcurrant jelly                                                  £4.50 (V)

Large portion of Onion rings and garlic mayonnaise                                £4.50 (V)

Breaded mushrooms with garlic dip                                                           £4.50 (V)

Vegetable pakora with a sweet chilli dip                                                      £4.50 (V)


Homemade Macaroni and cheese with chips        or garlic bread                                      £7.50 (V)

Homemade chicken curry served with rice and chips                                                        £8.00  

Mushroom Stroganoff and chips                                                                                       £8.50   (V)

Homemade Chilli con carne served with rice and chips                                                   £8.50   

Homemade cottage pie served with chips and veg                                                           £8.50

Deep fried Scottish Scampi served with chips, peas and tartare sauce                             £9.00

Homemade fish pie served with chips and veg                                                                £9.00

Homemade chicken pie served with chips and veg                                                          £9.50

Gammon Steak, served with pineapple ring, peas, tomato & chips                                 £9.50

Chicken fillets served with chilli sauce, side salad and chips                                          £9.50 

Homemade steak casserole served with chips or mashed potatoes and veg                   £9.50

Roast of the day served with large Yorkshire pudding roast potatoes and veg               £9.50

Homemade Lasagne served with chips or garlic bread                                                   £9.50

Beef olives, with oatmeal stuffing, gravy, mashed potato or chips, seasonal veg           £9.50

large Battered Haddock with chips and peas or mushy peas                                          £9.50

Aberdeen Arms Mixed Grill served with onion rings, mushrooms, tomato & chips       £12.50

Rib Eye Steak, (10oz)served with onion rings, mushrooms, tomato & chips                 £14.00

Sirloin Steak, (10oz) served with onion rings, mushrooms, tomato & chips                 £15.00